We at Synopticsense believe that managing land resources is an inherently spatially-explicit undertaking. Be it forests, lakes, agricultural land, or urban areas, strategic decision making for the management of large landscapes is best informed using maps as guidebooks.
We specialize in utilizing aerial and satellite imagery, government data sources, and primary data collection surveys to aid policy formulation and guide development in an environmentally sustainable and holistic manner.
who we are

We are a team of forest and wildlife ecologists, conservationists, surveyors, aeronautical engineers, information technologists, and data scientists, with a nationwide presence. Our group offers timely and accurate solutions to simply decision making for clients across the spectrum of governmental, non-governmental, and private commercial clients.

  • We provide end-to-end spatial data management solutions,
  • We provide contextual and analytical support for turning spatial data into actionable information,
  • We are well-versed in the survey-data-information-reporting pipeline, and can offer integrative solutions,
  • We have rapidly-deployable boots-on-the-ground teams to conduct surveys to provide short turnaround analytics where needed.

We provide national and state government agencies an eagle’s-eye view of their assets, we also provide turnkey solutions to conservation organizations and commercial establishments

  • Land management agencies
  • Disaster management agencies
  • Forest management agencies
  • Scientific research institutions
  • Conservation organizations
  • Geographical information clearinghouses
Identify issues
Talk to us for deploying rapid-response teams to conduct preliminary spatial, socio-economic, or ecological issues on the ground
Identify data sources
We can help identify the correct mix of data sources that are best suited to answering issues you may have.
Identify analytical needs
We can help identify and formulate the best analytical techniques that are needed to convert ground data to actionable information.
Identify delivery techniques
We can help identify and formulate the best information delivery mechanisms, web-based, print-based, or map based that are relevant to your specific issues

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